Freshly bottled Bergamot Organic Argan oil. 

An excellent anti ageing moisturiser for face, body and hair. 

Calming yet uplifting, it reminds people of spas.

Very high in natural vitamin E and full of antioxidants.

We only use FCF free bergamot which means it is safe to use in day light therefore it is safe for use in sunlight, although I do not recommend using in direct sunlight. If you have very sensitive skin, please beware of the natural chemicals contained in essential oils and maybe go for the pure Argan to be safe.


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  • Ingredients: Arganis Spinosia oil (organic cosmetic Argan Oil) Essential oils: Citrus Bergamia (FCF free)


    Warning: contains citral, geraniol, limonene, linalool, citonellol. (chemicals which occurs naturally in essentail oils)
    Argan oil comes from an almond. Always patch test first.

    Please seek medical advice for children, during pregnancy or if you have a medical condition.

    Always patch test first. In case of reaction, rinse with lots of water.
    Store in cool, dark place