This is the most luxurious anti ageing moisturiser.

Rose otto (Rose Damescena) is the queen of all essential oils and it adds to the moisturising anti-ageing properties of Argan. It is relaxing, good for the mood and some even say it is aphrodisiac!!

Very high in natural vitamin E and antioxidants.

Not many cosmetic companies use Rose Otto (Damascena) essential oil on its own as it is so expensive to buy.  Methyleugenol which occurs naturally in Rose essential oil is cancerigene. I therefore use Turkish rose without Methyleugenol which is mixed with Iranian rose to achieve a safe level without mixing it with cheaper oils. A very special mix indeed!


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  • Ingredients: Argania spinosia (organic argan oil) Rose Damascena (Rose Otto essential oil)

    Warning: contains citral, geraniol, citonellol. (chemicals which occurs naturally in essentail oils)
    Argan Oil comes from an almond. Always patch test first.

    Please seek medical advice for children, during pregnancy or if you have a medical condition.

    Always patch test first. In case of reaction, rinse with lots of water.
    Store in cool, dark place